Todds of Campsie Testimonials

"Professional and courteous staff from start to finish"

Mr Cooper

"Very efficient & courteous

Very reliable car

The service manager was very courteous


Mr Lindsey

"They are the most professional & helpful people I have every purchased a car from.

From start to finish Jonathan was exceptional, he was in constant contact from the car was ordered to it arrived at the showroom to I collected it. Best service ever.

K Campbell

"From the start of my dealings with John I could not have asked for a more helpful and freindly sales person. He gave me all the information I needed sorted my personalised number plate did a handover with myself and then again with my daughter and myself nothing was any bother to him I would highly recommend him he was a great sales person"

J Fleming

""Everyone has been great to deal with and has taken the time with you"

"I have been very pleased with the information about vehicle to sale of vehicle from start to finish"

"Mr John Creaney has been great from start to finish""

Mr Mills

"Staff at Todd's were friendly and pleasant, the customer waiting area was comfortable were their was tea, coffee and magazines provided.....Friendly atmosphere with no pressure sales were salesmen have an excellent knowledge of all the cars on show."

Trevor McClelland


Cannot expect any better assistance and service

Excellent family run business

The Todds are a dealership with family principles they respect and are very helpful to their customers. What one expects from a service provider.


H Morrison


Very helpful!!!! Would definitely recommend dealing with Todds!!!


Hannah Marie

"I would recommend anyone as they supply a fantastic service and the quality of cars and staff is excellent,
The sales experience was fantastic and each member of staff was welcoming and answered all my questions extremely well

Terry from Todds was a great help and worked with me on every stage of the process extremely well"

C McIlveen

"Bought my brand new Kia Picanto SR7 just under a week ago and I couldn't praise Todds enough. I had originally travelled from Coleraine to Campsie to look at another car in a different show room but decided to shop around a bit before purchasing, and as soon as we went into Todds I knew I was going to end up with a Kia! The sales man, John, couldn't have been better; he did his absolute best to work with my budget and he took all of my concerns and questions seriously. He was...n't just another car salesman trying to close the deal, he really tried his best to make sure I was happy and make me feel at ease. The after care is also brilliant, John rang to make sure everything was ok and even offered to do another hand over if there was any buttons or features I hadn't figured out yet! I would definitely recommend Todds (especially John) and plan to deal with them for many years to come!"

L Sittlington

"Now on my second Kia Sportage this one is a up grade from my first from Todds of Campsie.
From my first step in the door was made welcome by the front desk receptionist who I know now as Tracey, then in to see a sales man called Terry Parker. Mr Parker looked after me 100% on my fist experience with Todds. Over the years I have met all the Todd family that work in the Campsie showroom and garage, and one of the wife's.
Now on to my second experience. Just as the first but now they call me by my first name and like wise I call them.
Terry Was not in when I called in to do the biz on the second car so I seen Jonathan Todd who took me around the model I was interested in. I was back the next day and seen Terry Parker and we done the deal with a warm hand shake. Done Deal.
Now a wee bit about the Kia Sportage in the First month it was called back for a check on the front driver seat for a small tear which I could not see but the whole cover my replaced under the 7 year warranty . Only had a small problem that I called down to the garage with the sun roof sticking. No trouble Tracey got one of the lads in the garage to look at it cured by a spray with silicone, now how many would do that for you. Most would tell you to book the car in. On the service side from the work shop 100% even did a car wash and a hoover inside. Now before I picked the Kia Sportage I did a lot of looking around at other cars and reading. So I can say in all honesty that for me the Kia Sportage is a good car with a lot of extras on the car as standard. The only thing that I fine that you have to get used to is the view out the side window with the mirror and pillar in the view but you learn to look twice maybe we should always do that. Know what they say THINK BIKE. Other than that it 100% all round. O a big plus I averaged 53.4 MPG that was on the 1.7 diesel.
Hope this helps anyone thinking of a Kia Sportage Call into Todds of Campsie for a chat then a test drive see for yourself check out the staff as well. Now I am not a person that would write on a site like this but I think they deserved the 100% that I would give All at Todds. And the last word is No I am not related to anyone at Todds site.
Regards Jimmy

Jimmy Jones